CyberCloud Team

PentestPortal release - 11, 16 & 17 November 2022

AUTHOR: CyberCloud Team

Much work has been done to fulfill some major wishes of our partners and their customers. In this release, the following has been delivered and released to production.


  • #413 - Although our platform supports multiple pentest waivers within one assessment, it is now also possible to withdraw pentest waivers that have been sent (and not have been signed yet).

  • #414 - SMS verification upon sending a pentest waiver is now optional, given the other validation checks. It is not really required. But we'll still support it.


  • #417 - The search filters and sorting functions in the port scan table did not work anymore as expected, this has been fixed now.

  • #419 - The sorting functionality was temporarily disabled by us given the major change to cloud storage. As that feature is live now, we've enabled the sorting again.

  • #420 - Some reports could not be generated anymore in some occasions, we have reviewed this and implemented additional checks to avoid this in the future.

  • #425 - Withdraw an expired pentest waiver did not work.

  • #426 - Some columns could not be shown in the basic security scan tab, this has been fixed now.

  • #428 - Not all ports were shown in the datatable 'open ports' due to limitation on 25 targets. We've implemented a fix for this.

  • #429 - Pentest waiver example could not be downloaded always, this has been fixed now.

Basic Security Scan updates

We are currently working on some nice API endpoints that will be merged into the scan in the near future.

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