CyberCloud Team

Cyber Cloud release - January 2022

AUTHOR: CyberCloud Team

Much work has been done to fulfill some major wishes of our partners and their customers. In this release, the following has been delivered and released to production. In fact, this is our very first official acceptance release (MVP). As with all new software, bugs are inevitable and this release contains therefore many fixes of small issues.

New Features

  • The very first release of the first version of our platform containing all basic features to login, account management (RBAC), partner management, partner styling, customers and assessments.

Minor updates

  • We have added another layer of security by implementing Content-Security-Policy headers.

  • We have started to built the foundation of a quality assurance module, this will be released around the summer '22.


  • #26b7e04a / #a8fe1894 / #bdd8c276 / #6c008ed0 / #eb162356 / #c0c9a708 / #64b04aa5 / #172faa6e /# 27f23411 / #4f8d5d47 - CSP fixes

  • #f81221a3 - Login redirect fix

  • #91bbee71 - hashesaddContextLessRights to rights cache

  • #e9dbb4ce - Regex fix to not match everything. Also initialize only once.

  • #aa710dfe - Use router instead of application for express routes

  • #00b8c27a / #2de8b07c - Replace _.template, $axios basepath in frontend not /server

  • #f44c61d7 / #ec6cb787 / #2f93c84e / #5532f4ad / #18ada72e / #59a5917c - Several (mini) style fixes.

  • #76956c44 - Join path fix for absolute finding public assets

  • Several other bugfixes.

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