CyberCloud Team

Cyber Cloud release - June 2022

AUTHOR: CyberCloud Team

Much work has been done to fulfill some major wishes of our partners and their customers. In this release, the following has been delivered and released to production.

New Features

  • We have added support for the OWASP Mobile Top-10. Each finding in a mobile app assessment can now be mapped to an OWASP Mobile Top-10 category.

  • In several windows of our platform data tables are shown. The most overlooked aspect of UX is handling empty states. Therefore, we have added an empty state illustration that is shown if there is no data to display at all.

  • We have renamed 'assessments' to 'pentests', as we are on schedule to add other kind of assessments (such as simulated phishing assessments, quick security scans).

Minor updates

  • #3eaf3165 / #10dcdd3f / #bb99b992 - OWASP mobile implementation

  • #ae04b62d / #46e05d70 / #142acd7c - Updated repo for Windows development environment too

  • #d741248b - Security upgrade sharp from 0.30.4 to 0.30.5

  • #28b2b80a - Added a simple empty-data-table state illustration

  • #b760c59f - #257 Shorter default timeout for messages

  • #8500c1ba - Abstraction of report sender

  • #969c95e3 - Abstraction of report builder

  • # 346f6127 - Assessment to pentest

  • #2abba3f7 - Set correct language/iso

  • #3ede11aa - PDF renderer abstraction was enough already

  • #46240276 - Abstraction of template service (template folder should be able to move to other projects)

  • #352f260f - Refactored logger for namespacing

  • #e7c0c656 - #237 NMAP and Nessus upload also to customer

  • #c2d4a965 - #269 Primary color for success messages

  • #2e0dba12 - #175 Filter assessments initialy on dateStart

  • #e22f1d96 - Assessment renamed to "Pentest(en)" in frontend

  • #39126913 - Assessment discriminated in frontend as well

  • #fa762ec8 - Assessment is now technically discriminated


  • #28425f7e - Make visual that OWASP does not match

  • #53bd29eb - Solved merge conflict

  • #775dedce - Fix for when adding password to rendered PDF

  • #a63fcbb8 - Fix security

  • #24c521d3 - Fix method naming

  • #02a114bc / #185ffba0 - Missing and unsued import

  • #817f0771 / #d6078ce1 / #606ad313 - #268 Removed bad practise of computed endpoint so it does not change on route change

  • #42c5e8c8 - fix delete call for translations

  • #ddff0318 - fix package json missing package

  • #705d9949 - empty state bump

  • #6d0bda6f - fix for double post of customer/assessment targets via nmap/nessus

  • #03ee8507 - SMS send single report bugfix

  • #c0284648 - Improved CRUD security / handling for Models that have discriminators

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