CyberCloud Team

Cyber Cloud release - May 2022

AUTHOR: CyberCloud Team

Much work has been done to fulfill some major wishes of our partners and their customers. In this release, the following has been delivered and released to production.

New Features

  • We have added the way that pentest findings can be related to targets. Now, a finding can also be related to a specific (open) port on the target. This makes it easier for customers to see exactly where the issue is applicable.

  • We have updated the permission model in our platform for partners. Now partners are able to appoint someone in their organisation for managing all partner settings and others can be appointed the 'Account Manager' role which enables users to manage customers and assessments only.

  • We have implemented a mechanism that partners enable to use their own SMTP-provider for sending emails from the Cyber Cloud platform!

  • We have updated the partner settings screen. Now partners are able to change the font-settings of the reports.

Minor updates

  • #6cc426cb - Pingdom uptime implementation

  • #9c7aa301 - Renamed header to fit the context better

  • #e817c32b - Added removed check for window "Beschikbare targets van klant"

  • #0be7f25b - Added support for checking NOT has certain rights

  • #cafa8ace - Risk category order applied

  • #65cec00f - Send single risk by email

  • #4bd1209b - All overview pages with datatables now have 25 rows by default

  • #e27befb2 - Datatable nr of rows is now configurable

  • #2d0f871f - NumberAddition added to reseller form

  • #ef76c01e - NumberAddition added to customer form

  • #9df85d73 - Download a column as txt


  • #f109f076 - Never add "customer" to target in assessment scope

  • #cccff764 - Bugfix nav pentest

  • #92b05d7e - Wrong columnname fixed

  • #7192dec3 - Added HTML debug route to see where issue

  • #ace6e074 - Fix env check, must be string comparison

  • #1a3f8eb0 - Links as text renamed to fix regression issues

  • #2b9ed0fd - Risks with one ASVS category don't show correctly

  • #f98c71de - Fix for links in reproduction steps that have newlines around them

  • #a89b5c71 - Code block font (container does not contain some default fonts)

  • #9325e976 - Risk csv export fixes

  • #3b19d823 - Single risk must have human id X

  • #6ca787bf - Bumped backend dependencies as much as possible

  • #f2278f7d - Bumped frontend dependencies as much as possible

  • #dc67d5f5 - Weird render issues when button is not wrapped in another element in the activator template

  • #56b1f6fb - Avoid breaking table of contents in the middle of text

  • #d458322c - Page break snippet added to be used with translations

  • #2316f1bb - Assessment datatables consolidated into a single component

  • #ad1af727 - Nuxt start on same port as dev so generated prod build can be tested

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