CyberCloud Team

Release 10 January 2024

AUTHOR: CyberCloud Team

Welcome to the first release of 2024 for! We're excited to kick off the new year with some significant updates and enhancements that will improve your experience and security. This release includes both new features and several bug fixes, addressing diverse areas of our platform to meet your evolving needs. Let’s dive into what’s new and improved!


  • #PP-91: Central overview of findings from all pentests
    Implemented a central overview of findings from all pentests at the customer level, enabling customers to view, filter, and sort all findings across different pentests in one place. This enhancement provides a comprehensive view of new, open, and closed findings, streamlining the user experience.

Bug fixes

  • #PP-106: Improved variable translations in user interface
    Fixed an issue where translations involving variables malfunctioned when spaces were present between brackets, ensuring proper translation functionality in all scenarios.

  • #PP-111: Enhanced hotfix deployment in Gitlab pipelines
    Resolved a conflict where an improvement in the security setup of Gitlab pipelines hindered the automatic rollout of hotfixes by integrating support in our back-end SaaS management systems for pipeline approvals.

  • #PP-51: Security vulnerability in report rendering
    Addressed and fixed a minor security vulnerability in the rendering of reports, enhancing the overall security of the platform.

  • #PP-68: Resolved CSP errors in back-end SaaS management portal
    Corrected several Content Security Policy (CSP) errors in the back-end SaaS management by implementing the appropriate headers, improving system stability and security.

  • #PP-98: CyberScanner report graph correction
    Fixed a duplication issue in the CyberScanner report graphs where password counts were being doubled, ensuring accurate data representation.

  • #PP-108: Enhanced dashboard display in dark mode
    Resolved display issues in the dashboard when users had the interface set to dark mode, ensuring consistent and aesthetically pleasing visuals in both light and dark modes.

  • #PP-109: Corrected display in 'test accounts' table
    Fixed an issue where the type and target name were not displayed correctly in the 'test accounts' table within a pentest project, improving data accuracy and readability.

  • #PP-113: Language matching for welcome emails
    Aligned the language of welcome emails with the user's language preference based on their choice on the website, enhancing user experience and communication clarity.

We believe that PentestPortal will greatly enhance the experience of individual penetration testers, penetration testing firms and enterprises conducting their own pentests and that PentestPortal contributes to more efficient and effective penetration testing. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve and tailor the software to meet your needs.

Thank you for choosing our software, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on this exciting new release!

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