CyberCloud Team

Release 12 April 2024

AUTHOR: CyberCloud Team

We're excited to announce the latest release of, packed with new features and bug fixes to enhance your pentesting efficiency and experience. Here's what's new and improved:


  • #PP-199: The standards (numbers) of the CCV Keurmerk voor Pentesten ( have been updated to the new version of the Seal (version 2.0 - effective from October 2024).

  • #PP-206: Users now have an API Key for automation purposes. An IP whitelist is required for this feature.

Bug fixes

  • #PP-176: Improved error messages when downloading a report if a syntax error is made by the user.

  • #PP-183: When starting a new pentest portal instance, better consideration is now given to the time needed for Let's Encrypt.

  • #PP-187: The empty box message on the Customers screen was unclear. This has been clarified.

  • #PP-217: Occasionally, updating a user failed because the apiKey is a required attribute but was not being generated.

  • #PP-209: There was an issue with importing Nessus files that sometimes prevented the entire file from being read. This has been fixed.

  • #PP-204: A custom subdomain was not being removed from the App Registration within Entra ID. This issue has been resolved.

  • #PP-203: Various language bugs have been resolved.

  • #PP-202: Logging around calls from the front-end has been added to address issues with freezes.

We believe that PentestPortal will greatly enhance the experience of individual penetration testers, penetration testing firms and enterprises conducting their own pentests and that PentestPortal contributes to more efficient and effective penetration testing. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve and tailor the software to meet your needs.

Thank you for choosing our software, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on this exciting new release!

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